I’m still here!

Just a little update for all the readers of my blog. I’m happy to say Big Apple Baseball is going strong, we are getting lots of new listeners and our twitter following is exploding. On a personal note, I am now engaged to my lovely fiance, Francine. And on the professional front, I’m looking for a full time 9-5, but in the mean time I have been working toward getting my A+ certification, and I have been keeping busy by doing some personal and small business IT.

Big Apple Baseball is a go!

I have been working on a project with some friends called Big Apple Baseball; what it is is a podcast about, you guess it, baseball. Once a week the guys and I will talk about whats going on with the Yankees, Mets, and the rest of the baseball world. Not only do I do the podcast but I also made the website and run our twitter. You can check us out at www.BigABaseball.com and follow us on twitter @BigABaseball . And don’t forget to check us out on iTunes!

Adding content, wonderful content!

I hope everyone is enjoying my new website, it was a long overdue update but damn it looks good. I’ve been busy getting things together and adding stuff to the site now that the design is finalized. The most recent addition is some of photography stuff I have done over the years. These are photos I have taken and then brought into Photoshop to touch up.

I’m also currently working on restoring a picture of my great great grandparents (mother’s side) wedding photo, it was in pretty rough shape when its done its going to look great. Interesting enough, my great great grandfather looks a lot like my brother David, which is strange because he looks more like my father’s side of the family.